by He Who Creates

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Produced and Mixed by John Burke of Vibe Studios, Ohio


I'd rather see you bleed from your eyes
Than look me in the face again
I'm not worthy of your trust?
You're not worth my time.

You go your own way
And I'll go mine.

Our chapter ended when you thought
The truth was just another lie.
Watched the gavel fall as you quickly
Passed your judgement.

Clean as I was, you still saw faults
And only looked towards your own gain.
I can no longer trust those close to me
As for fear of another knife.
A well placed strike to the back
Followed by cascading crimson.

My veins pulse with fresh red blood
And a feeling of hatred.
Every second you live under the old banner
The more enraged I become.

Your existence is a gift from me
As we both know who shaped you
Without me, you are nothing
And you will return
I'd rather see you bleed from your eyes
Than look me in the face again.

The more anguish you feel, the better
Betrayal is a bitch, but so is karma
And your turn is soon to come
The silence was a calm before the reckoning.

Just because you sent me out
Doesn't mean I am done.
Today will show you who is the best soul
It is far from over
I will make you remember me
Remember me


released October 23, 2013



all rights reserved


He Who Creates Pennsylvania

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